April 2020

Gosh still not updated this site but it is on my to do list

January 2019

It's been a while and nothing has been posted here but life has gone on and I wonder to myself does anyone ever stop by here and read this guff anyway!  

More soon Perhaps?

January 2015

Well thats another year done and it went so quickly.  This years the Big 50 too.  

Got myself an allotment back in October just next to the HSME Headquarters at Highfields.  Its in such as mess at the moment but I have done a few hours and shifted some of the many weeds and overgrown Blackberry bushes.


June 2014

Baby Isabella coming along now two weeks old - Grandma & Grandad both very happy ( Isabella asked me to get her a HSME membership today or was it just a cry for help!! ) 

May 2014

31st May 2014 Welcome Baby Isabella Constance Hanley to the World:

At 3lbs 8 oz mother Sarah ( My Stepdaughter ) and baby doing well

September 2013

Well September saw my dad get married again on Friday 13th at the age of 75

Susan being the Lucky Lady 

Daniel turned 18 on 17th and we held the last open day of the season down at the HSME Headquarters at Highfields.  

August 2013

Rebecca turned 21 this month 

July 2013

June 2013

Well the Birthday month soon Comes around!  48 this year !!!  Where did it all go wrong!  Still poor and needing my ship to come in!

Planning a trip to London this month to see Stephanie and Lord Sugar! More on this later!

HSME open day on Sunday 16th June at Highfields.  Got my Picture in the Examiner - No not court in Brief!!

Highfields hosts remote controlled toy regatta

MODEL boat, truck and rail enthusiasts from as far away as Carlisle turned up in Huddersfield to enjoy an afternoon playing with their remote-controlled toys.

Huddersfield Society of Model Engineers regularly holds open days and regattas.

Their HQ at Highfields boasts a purpose-built boating lake and a high level railway track to take different sized locomotives.

More than 50 people attended the open day to the delight of club secretary Richard Lyons, a computer network manager at Greenhead College. He said: “We are one of the town’s best-kept secrets and we are just trying to get the word out that we are here and it would be nice for young people to see what we do instead of just playing with their computers.”

The club, which dates from 1919, has its own pond which opened the day before war was declared in 1939.

Richard added: “Huddersfield has a great model heritage and at one time people used to come here in their thousands. I got into it by accident almost when my wife bought me a little remote-controlled model boat one Christmas and I went sailing it at the lake in Greenhead Park.

“The Examiner happened to report it for a feature they were doing and I got some ribbing at work with colleagues calling me Admiral Lyons! Someone mentioned that there was a model club and the rest is history.”

Read more: Examiner


Well we got to London - Wanted to go by car but parking in London would be £35 per day!  The coach would take too long so decided to book the trian.  

The next problem would be the London Underground - Kings Cross has disabled access and the best base would be Earls Court - London either would then be Green Park or Westminster.

Booked four nights at the Burns Hotel in Earls Court - Arrived Monday lunchtime and found hotel - the room was not ready so popped around the corner to Subway.  Checked in and then set off to Hyde Park to find the friendly Squirrels!!

Spent a few hours in the park and then meet up with Stephanie when she finished work.  Tuesday was the Birthday and spent a nice day at London Zoo which we got to via Bus - Every bus in London has a disabled ramp - what a great system well done Boris or was it Ken who did all this!

Jodie came around to the hotel after work and we went into Central London for a nice meal.

Wednesday Stephanie and Jodie joined us for the day - We started out with a nice Breakfast then down to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard.Then off down to the river for several cruises down to the Tower of London and Greenwich.  Then back to Earls Court for a Macdonalds!  YUM YUM

Thursday was just me and Christine and I wanted to go to the National Gallery and Hamleys Toy shop - We spent the day in central London and did the shops. Back to Earls court and had my first Nandos!

Friday we checked out and made our way to Kings Cross and found a very nice Cafe down the road from the station who did the best Breakfast I had all week!! Back on the 12.35 to Leeds and then back in Huddersfield Via Wakefield at about 4pm.

Had a great time big thanks to Jodie and Stephanie and of course Her in doors who paid for all the bookings!!

May 2013

I have been trained as a Guard on the Train in Greenhead Park and have started my Driver training - Done half an hour so far!  Enjoyed it a lot!!  Been watching everyone else driving up to now so its great to finally have a go.   The first part is passing the test on the Petrol Hydraulic "Spirit of Syngenta".  Once that is in the bag you can progress onto steam!!

Been at the Park every Saturday and Bank Holiday Mondays 

April 2013

March 2013

The Month started out with a planned visit to Greenhead Park for the start of the 2013 season of the "Train in the Park".  The train operation is run by the Huddersfield Society of Model Enginners (HSME).

Unfortunately the steam train "Golden Jubilee" failed its boiler test - This resulted in having to use "The Spirit of  Syngenta"

My job for the day was to ask the riders of the train for their tickets and to then direct them to the exit gate upon leaving the train.  I have to admit I had a good day!

The following week 9th March 2013 it was the AGM of the HSME at Highfileds - It rained all day so the train in the park did not run, they only managed 2 hours on Sunday and took at grand total of £36.

The following week was the first committee meeting of the society and guess who was appointed Secretary - No not Micky Mouse - But me!!!

Some of the members were having a chat whilst not working  on the pond and we decided that the Society should investigate attending the Harrogate Engineering Show

I contacted the man in charge and we are going!  Now for the tricky bit! The show is Friday 10th to Sunday 12th May 2013.  We need to setup our stand on the Thursday then staff the stand Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  So we need members and some exhibits in Harrogate to fly the HSME Flag.


February 2013

Here we go again – what happened to January? Another step closer to Christmas!!

Been very busy at the boat club trying to get the Pond sorted again – we have no water at all at the moment and are trying to build a new wall across the pond to give us a working length which is both manageable and easier to maintain

The problem we have is the weather – Only working on a Saturday as well makes things difficult as it keeps snowing or is freezing!
Plans are in the making to bring the Pond Liner to Greenhead College sports hall and join it up then take it to the pond – Thanks to John Blake college Business Manager for agreeing to us using the hall.

Started working on my Lego Digger in January Now nearly finished – Had to send away for some parts missing from the kit but nearly done now!

January 2013

Well what happend to 2012 - Woosh and its gone - Welcome to 2013

Weightwatchers not been going too well after the Christmas Holiday now only lost a pound in over 2 years!  Wonder if they will feature me as a how not to loose weight!   

December 2012

well Movember finished with the college Christmas party held on the 30th at Heritage mills Oakes.  Was thinking of keeping the Tash until January whilst going the whole hog with an added Beard.  Decided not to and reverted to the clean look!

Still at Weightwatchers nearly two and a half years now and only 7 Pounds in weight!  Must be doing something wrong!  Could it be the bigger breakfast at Emily's Marsh every Saturday?

Finish work on 21st December to return 7th January unless I win the Lottery!!

November 2012

Been busy doing nothing much as usual! 

Doing Movember growing the Tash!!

October 2012

September 2012

Been so busy not had time to update the site!  September is being reported on as at 21st October!!  Daniel did manage to get into college - Huddersfield New College to do Business Studies - The students returned in September and the Principal Martin Rostron announced his retirement and the sad loss of Doctor Kevin Conway our former principal who appointed me way back in 1999

Kevin was one hell of nice guy who had a great deal of respect from all who met him and will be sadly missed.

August 2012

On August 18th Kenneth Priestley - Christine's Uncle Kenneth died at home in the early hours of the 18th - A shock to all the family - Ken was a lovely man who we had visited many times in the last few years at his home in the village of Nun Monkton outside York on the Harrogate road.  I first met Ken at a family funeral we all attended and he asked if we would go over and see him - I agreed at once and Ken said many promise to come but never do!  We arrived within the month for the first of many visits - Ken was 83 and his funeral would take place on his Birthday 3rd October 2012.

Christine and Ken - A top bloke sadly missed

Very busy at work with loads of work to carry out before the students return at the end of August. Daniel gets his GCE's this month and will decide which college to go to. Stephanie has moved to London with Jodie for 10 months or more. Plus we are not doing too badly for summer weather!

Work on the pond at Highfields is still underway.

July 2012

What happened to June! Christines birthday saw us having a day trip to Scarborough - Although the day was a little cloudy most of the day it was warn.  We spend a nice afternnon and evening in Scarborough with Stephanie and Daniel.

I entered a competition at HSME Highfields run by the MPBA (Model Power Boat Association) just for a laugh I suppose.  This highlighted the fact that I need to do some work on the boat as I had difficulty getting around the course! Fortunatly it was not a timed event and I did get a good score in the end.

Did some work at Highfields on the pond wall which was hard work.  A lorrry dumped a load of rubble consisting of stone bricks concrete tarmac etc and we had to sort it out into wheelbarrows of each in order to build an embankment accross the back of the pond.  This is part of the plan to change the pond from a U shape into a rectangle which you will be able to walk around the entire area. 

June 2012

Well its 60 years of the Queen and we all got a few days off work - As it falls within Half Term at work and we would have had the Tuesday offf any way,  the college has decided to give us a day off in July closing on the Thursday rather than the Friday on the last day of the academic year.  

May 2012

The year is really marching by its nearly June already!  Been busy with the boat this month following the Regatta at HSME.  Decided to replace the Speed Controller and the transmitter and reciever to the 2.4Ghz Frequency.  Having undertaken further sea trials at Highfields Pond it was also decided to try out new batteries at a lower voltage of 6V 5000MA.


February 2012

This year is flying by already. 

Save Grimescar Valley is still on going, awaiting the finer details of the councils plans on the LDF.

The Huddersfield Society of Model Engineers are having a few problems with the Boating Pond at Highfields.  I attended a meeting on Saturday 11th February at which it was decided to try and stop the Leaking Pond  

January 2011 - Happy New Year!!

After a stunning Christmas and New Year - Could have been the best ever!

December 2011

Christmas will soon be here!  Done most of the shopping - new tree this year as we cannot take the chair out of the lounge this year as we are having folk around and need the chairs - Small Fibre Optic sat on the table - BOO - Rubbish!!

November 2011

Been busy with the

Soon be Christmas

October 2011

Wow what happened to September!

Been very busy doing nothing as usual!

We decided to try who deliver Organic Produce to a house accross the road.  We have considered trying the stuff but have been put off by the High Price.  However you have to pay for quality - right?

We decided to try the small Fruit and Veg Box at £12 - You get 8 items in the box which works out at £1.50 per item.  We checked on the site a list of Items from which they would put into the box - we crossed off things we did not like to have such as Beetroot - which although I do like beetroot it has to be from Baxters in a Jar!  The other stuff I just dont like!

The Carrotts were not too good on the first week but we did buy some bread and a steak and ale pie plus a desert all of which were rather nice.  The second week I ordered some orange juice which although expensive ( I get the ASDA Smartprice at 62p) was very nice.  Again the carrotts were poor and the broccoli was also turning yellow!  I rang up to complain and £4.50 was credited to our account. 

Also on the second week we got a free loaf of bread which was also nice.  Week 3 we got pomegranates in the selection which I have not had for years (Yum Yum) and six free eggs. Week four the whole box is free!

May decide to keep purchasing despite the expense as we are enjoying the food and it is fresh but it would be a lot cheeper to get the stuff from the market or even ASDA.

Another thing we have started food wise is if you are interested set up an account and quote 46F9RP2  - This gives you your first box free and I get £1 off my next box.  Again you set up the things you like and dislike and each box has four different things to Graze on - Nuts, fruit, bread etc

Again a bit expensive £3.49 per box.  I get a box Fridays and Christine gets one on Tuesdays and we share.  Its a nice little treat and the stuff is not only good for you its also very nice!!

Not been down to the Boat Club (HSME) and still not done any work on the site to feature the HSME but we did go on the Train in greenhead Park a few weeks ago and Christine got some pictures - will have to get them and put on here!

Thornhill Estates are offering up the fields that surround us for a "Northern Gateway" Scheme which would see 800 houses and Hotels etc in the fields which surround our houses - We are forming an action Group so I think I will set up a page on the site with the developments on this an the LDF which Kirklees are putting together to cover planning and development over a period of some 15 years.

More soon

Keep safe and remember what the man says "I'm as mad as hell and i'm not gunna take it any more!

September  2011

Joined the Huddersfield Society Of Model Engineers - They run the Train in Greenhead Park Huddersfield and have a Boating Lake behind Highfields Annex of Huddersfiled Technical College ( Kirkleees College ).

Also got a new Boat to sail on the Highfields Pond.

Planning a section on the Site for HSME... more soon!

Got some holidays booked for the last two weeks of the month so looking forward to getting away.

we are starting to build the campaign for opposition to the Development of the surrounding fields planned by Thornhill Estates - the data centre near to Lindley Moor was approved by the council planning committee in August but the houses were rejected.

Some think that the housing application may get through on appeal we will await the outcome of that.



July 2011

Sat watching the TV late Wednesday Afternoon and Lesley who lives accross the road knocks on the door to inform us that developers are interested in land which surrounds our local area.

Jason McCartney MP was going to address the local residents on Saturday 30th July at 1pm  regarding the councils plans for the local area.  Jason is the one in the suit next to me and her indoors!  Not a bad chap for a Tory!  Also Tony Brice in the Blue Pants our Local Tory Lindley Ward Councillor to the right of Jason

Its going to be Pitchforks down at the Town Hall soon if the council gets its way and allows our GREENBELT to become GREENFIELD.

More on this soon !

Has Summer arrived?  Having a few nice days and even had the shorts on a few times!

Joined the Eddie Stobart Club! You too can join if you want to!  I little promotional video can be found on my "Recommended Links" tab - its for Eddie Stobart not the Club - I have always spotted the Trucks on the Motorway dont know why, but just have.

Check out the Stobart Web Site Also:



Went to an Open Day for the Huddersfiled Society Of Model Engineers - They have a club Pond at Highfields Huddersfiled and they also run the Train Line Based in Huddersfields Greenhead Park. 


Her Indoors and myself spent a niced few hours getting Burnt sitting in the sun watching the boats on the pond and the Remote Controlled Trucks on the layout - Might have to get one of these next but would want a Stobart Truck!

Remember If you want some stuff for the garden check out Parkers site below - You get some good gear at reasonable prices!                         


So much for the Summer!  As at the 22nd June it will be getting darker earilier every day so soon the dark cold and wet again!


Greenhead Park  Sunday 6th March 2011 at the new Boating Lake


We were conducting Sea Trails on the new Boat - sorry no picture yet - up pops a bloke with a notepad and pen and introduces himself as being from the Examiner Newspaper.

He only wants a few words with Lord & Lady Lyons so we oblige - Now read the article

Doug next door is on with his Burial Chamber ( Or Raised Bed as he calls it )

Making good progress

Looking forward to the finished result

Transfered to my 1&1 Internet account - what a carry on and cost me a fortune to do so!  Now need to find time to develop that site along with this and 

Now that the cat is out of the bag about having Joined  on 19th August 2010 - go every Thursday for the weigh in - Lost over  a stone now - got a way to go yet!

Still no luck winning the lottery so will stick with working until I do.

Still not flown the plane or used the RC car too busy playing Farmville etc.

Well enough of the ramblings of a Mad Man for now so until the next time remember what the man says:

 " I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore"

Take care and all the best


Ansmann Racing Master Smacker - RTR

Hobby Zone Super Cub LP RTF

Looking for stuff for the garden is the best I have found for prices and quality.  Been using for around two years now.

Got myself some free Business Cards and Mug etc from - check it out you pay a few quid for the postage but it works out ok if you are sad like me and like stuff with your name on it!

Added Recommended Links to the site so take a look at these you might just save yourself a few quid!

Need to overhaul the site at sometime as its getting a bit stale!  But then I ask myself does anyone ever visit or read this rubbish?  Please please email me at if you have read this guff!!