HSME has its base at Highfields which is located behind Kirklees College's Highfields Annexx.  Upon leaving Huddersfield  ring road travelling on the A629 signposted Halifax.  The road comes to a mini roundabout  approx 50 yards from the ringroad, proceed along the A629 for approx 500 yards where you will find a Pedestrian Crossing, turn right between the two college buildings the road is cobbled. Then take the first turning on the left along the dirt road which brings you to Highfields.


The New Bridge at the Entrance at Highfields

This bridge replaces the old wood bridge which was donated some 10 yrs ago by the NHS workshop for disabled people. As you can see the railway track runs round by the enterence gate which makes it very hard to enter the compound.

so as the other bridge was needing some much needed repair it was decided to replace it with a metal bridge which should last longer but its also fully electrical. Our members have designed and built this bridge so once again anyone in a wheel chair will be able to come along and enter with no worries.

 When the railway is in operation the bridge will be in the full up right position.

Highfields Events details
Please find in our events calendar events that are been run in 2012. These events are at our Club House at Highfield. Look out for road signs for this event to guide you to our car park and the enterance to Highfield. If you have a radio controled boat or truck then look out for our open days come along and bring your models. We also have a 5 inch and 7 1/4 raised railway line running round the club site so if you are a loco man and fancy a change of track then come along. (proof of insurance and boiler cert must be shown). Catering is provided by our ladies to a high standard. All home cooking. Our event start around 11am and run until the last man/lady goes home.

If you want to come down to the site but are unable to make it on a Saturday or a Sunday then if you contact us via the web page under the contact us to say when you would like to come and see us then we would only be too please to make some arrangements. It may be to try a boat steam a loco or even just come and see what the society is about I am sure we can be of help to one and all.

Highfields Development
Highfields is once in the middle of a development this time on the pond. Over the years the bottom and walls have started to show tiredness and started to crack to the point we are unable to repair them any more. We have had quotes from 25k to 30k to repair the pond and that sort of money is out of our reach at the moment without grants. At this present time we are looking at a repair that will put the society on for around 2yrs which will help us try and raise the money. Our last big project was building a new toilet block and workshop along with a station canopy which has finished the station off very nicely. We have been busy replacing all the rail supports and also putting in staeming bays to help with loco's been put into steam before going on the main line.Our members over the summer months will be busy on a weekend maintaining the area. While we are working on the pond it has also been decided to extend the truck track to take in a loading dock to load a truck from the pond side on to a boat but thats in the future but many hand make light work so that may be sooner rather than later. Our ladies have been supplying the tea/coffee and the lunch to keep us going over the months. We hope to have completed most of the work before our boating season starts in March 2012.
We are down at Highfields every Saturday and Sunday so why not pop in if you are passing you will be made most welcome and if you fancy a bite to eat then our ladies will provide you with a warm lunch and perhaps you could have a sail trying your hand at radio steering once we have some water.

Go to the gallery section of this web site to see 4 pictures of the new pond liner in action. There is also a write up below which covers these clips.

Boating Section
Our pond down at Highfields was once used as an ice curling rink and to this day once the pond is cleaned you can still see the out line of the rink. If you look around the site you might find the odd curling stone. Over the years our pond has had water leaks by the dozen. We repair one leak and another one appears. We have looked at always to seal the pond but we have always come up against the big stumbling block and that is the money around £40,000 to reline the bottom and sides. We have been able to obtain grants to do some repair work carried out by our members but the only way we can seal the leaks is to be able to replace the sides and the bottom.
A committee meeting was held straight after the AGM to talk about a short term repair to the pond in short term we mean 2yrs no more. One member has come up with the idea of making a liner ourselves out of visqueen plastic and a sealing agent to join one sheet to another and make a water tight seal. This repair is costing around £500 and to fill the pond will cost a further £500 so in total £1000 which to a club our size takes some finding.
A sub committee has been formed to try and find ways of raising so much needed money to make the repair a permernante one. This sub committee is been headed by Mrs B Robinson with help from Mr A Johnston,Mr T Maskell and Mr K Sykes. If anyone can help with this task then please drop us a line via the contact us section on the web page

Station Canopy
This canopy was built by a Mr R Whitton a past member of the club. Members helped Roy to build this station canopy. We have extended the station platform leveled it all and then build this canopy. It makes a nice shelter when caught out by the rain also. Our trains run at most of our event details of these can be found on the events link in this web page. Photos of the canopy can be found in the gallery section of this web site